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Gluten Free Foods from Someone who Depends on Them!

        Like other small businesses, Tiers of Joy started as a hobby. I have always loved baking at home and gravitated toward employment in the food service industry. In 2001, I was diagnose with Celiac disease and a number of food allergies that required a drastic change in my diet. This revelation started my journey in educating myself about what I was eating and its effect on my health. It was difficult to find gluten free options that were satisfying in taste and texture, so I began experimenting at home with gluten free flours. After a great deal of trial and error, I was able to adjust recipes to remain on my gluten free diet without having to sacrifice moisture and flavor.

        My hobby became a passion after I began working at a local gluten free bakery. There I learned how to assemble and decorate cakes, and I practiced by making birthday cakes for family. Before I knew it, I was receiving requests for custom cakes from friends and for small local events. After encouragement from many, I decided to follow my dream and start Tiers of Joy with the help of my husband in January 2019.

        My goal is not only to provide delicious gluten free options, but also to have choices available for customers with other food sensitivities or dietary restrictions. I am thrilled to be able to provide dairy-free and egg-free products upon request, and I will make every effort to accommodate other restrictions. Tiers of Joy has now expanded beyond cupcakes and cakes, as well. I am proud to offer donuts, cookie sandwiches, molten lava cakes, and some seasonal items such as pies.

        For those who would like to try our products before requesting a custom order, Tiers of Joy products can be found at some local vendors in Southern Chester County. Please check out the Tiers of Joy instagram page to stay up to date with our local product deliveries, and I look forward to meeting your gluten free needs!

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Tuesday-Saturday: Open

Sunday: Closed

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